Benefits of DuracellCloud – Business Solutions

Duracell Cloud centers¬† it’s service around the needs of Businesses. Our primary goal is to enable businesses and their employees to perform to their best potential by providing tools and services that help the Backup, Restore, Synchronization, Sharing and data access of business data faster, with greater security and reliability.¬† Microsoft, Linux and Mac systems are supported.

Duracell Cloud 2 Tier Benefits:

Fast Backup, Sync and Share – your data is backed up to the first tier, the local Duracell appliance immediately. At your command, your selected data will be ported from the appliance to the Duracell data center (cloud). Within your Local Area Network, files can be shared using standard Network Attached Storage (NAS) Protocols. Microsoft Exchange can be backed up and restored, including the ability to recover individual mailboxes.

Fast Restore, Simple and Reliable Disaster Recovery : When an element of your IT Infrastructure fails and data is lost, reconfiguration is fast, and easy at LAN speeds, using your onsite Duracell Cloud tier 1 appliance. Remote restore is possible directly from your tier 2 Duracell Cloud Space, ensuring that every member of your work-force’s computers and digital storage is protected and easily restored.

Complete Data Security : as your data is stored onto the on-site tier 1 Cloud appliance, it is encrypted using 256-bit AES Encryption before being sent to your Duracell Cloud Space over a TLS (Transport Level Security) connection. A TLS connection is used for safe payment processing on e-commerce sites, preventing your data from being read or intercepted before it reaches your Duracell Cloud Space. Your system administrator has full control over the choices of encryption keys given to users, according to the security policies of the organization.

Greater Workforce Efficiency – Duracell Cloud enables more effective Data Access, Sharing and Syncing both on-site and remotely.

Predictable Costs – Duracell Cloud’s fixed monthly cost with unlimited cloud storage brings a new model to market for business customers, enabling you to scale your business with confidence and predictability at a fixed cost with no hidden charges. Duracell Cloud consolidates all the major cloud services into one highly usable and cost effective solution, giving you flexibility and control of your IT needs.