A Platform For The Artist In You: Steemit

It happens often that one feels that he has a lot of potentials to make a difference in the world through his words but doesn’t find an apt platform for showcasing it. And years down the lane, when you really need to hold on to something in life to live and not just exist, the calling towards writing your heart out becomes all the more strong and audible to yourself. And it is no surprise that there are so many people out there who just feel that the available social media platforms are not able to make the impact you want to make on the masses. Thanks to the technological advancements that the twenty-first century has brought, there are plenty of platforms out there that value what you write and what’s more, you get paid too!! Just imagine, posting articles on any field of or topic your choice, making your voice heard in the matter can now bring you returns. To give you such an opportunity and to let yourself explore a new world of writing, here is Steemit, a social media platform that proudly differs from the rest in the lot. Making your voice heard and thus allowing you to win cash big time is what Steemit aims at!

Familiarising With The Unfamiliar

Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful platform that’s been unknown to you all these years. With it starts way back in 2016, steemit has been blooming in its own way, entertaining and facilitating people with a means of expression. You can post an article, comment and upvote any other article and in the process make money. But here’s the catch; esteemed pays you in esteem points, which are a form of cryptocurrency. You need to understand the concept and the little nuances of cryptocurrency before you set forth into your venture. What is wonderful about this yet again is that the maximum word limit to your posts is a whopping 64,000 words at a time!! Isn’t that just more than what you can ask for? Exploring into your abilities are no more bound by silly word limits! But you need to keep in mind the interest of the reader. Remember, the more up-votes you get on your posts, the better. To ensure that it is not so long that readers lose interest in reading it midway. Any attention pulling post will have a moderate length with the content being precise and interesting. Let your aim be this.

Setting Up Before You Begin

If you are reading this far into the article, it means you somewhat understand the system and are interested in being a part of it. In that case, let’s take a look at how you can be a part of this huge community that subsists online.

  • To begin with, to hold an account on the website, you need to sign up by filling the sign-up form. You are required to provide details of your phone number and email, which is followed by a verification code sent to you. Once you verify it, your account is sent back to the company for a final authentication. This can take from up to 24hrs to a maximum of 2 weeks to finalize. Once your account is confirmed, you can visit the link sent to your email and with the username and password given, set your profile up. One thing that you have to really take care of here is that steemit is not anyway responsible for any loss of your password and username. There is no option to reset a new password if you forget one. So make sure you have it etched on the mind or store it in your phone or notebook safely.
  • Once you are signed in, there is nothing that will hold you back from being appreciated for what you write. The system works in a manner that awards you a certain number of tokens for either reading or writing a post. The sky is the limit for you to write here. You can choose any topic, make it as entertaining and eye-catching as possible keeping in mind the genuineness of the post and share it on the platform. People who read it and like it will get themselves as well as you Steem tokens. These tokens are at the end of 7 days converted into STEEM cryptocurrency. This can be used and spent on various platforms where the system of cryptocurrency is accepted.

Understanding the Quirks Of Steemit

The platform is completely free of cost and thus requires you to stick to one account. You can also avail the benefit of having multiple accounts but for a price. The first account is thus paid for while the subsequent account if you wish to have one, will have to be paid for. To do this, you can go to other websites that are run jointly by blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency. Remember, there is no platform that will give you instant success when it owns authentic methods to do so. Therefore, the earnings that the reviews and comments show you are earned due to hard work that has been persistent for the past several months. It does take time to and needs you to build good relations with people on the platform, attracting their valuable votes and comments on your posts. As it is said, quick success is always short lived. What you accumulate over a long time from your digital sweat and blood is what will stay for long. Also, there cannot be a guarantee that the inflow of tokens will be uniform always. It all depends and what effort you put to make it happen.

With an elaborate website with a homepage that gives you every possible information you need to know about the social platform, it makes it easily one of the most user-friendly interfaces to come across. So why think further? Be a part of this amazing platform from httpswwwsteemit.com and find the true worth for your literary abilities.

Susan Berry

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