Clash Of Clans: Defend Your Honor

The gaming is changing with a pace faster than ever. The latest games that have shaken the gaming industry and taken it by the storm are quite well deserved. They enjoy a great reputation among kids and adults and are always in high demand. The games that are making people go gaga over them are not just fads that are there to fade away but make sure to offer the right amount of adventure and thrill so as to keep the gamers interested in the games.

An important reason for this change is the change in the mindset of youth and kids and the effects of modern lifestyle on them. People these days have no time to spare from their busy schedules. Gaming is something that comes as a welcome relief, allowing the person to relax and take some time out. The boring games are not at all an option as they are merely a waste of time. Admit it, no one can spend an hour of time in just hitting at random birds to collect random points that lead you nowhere. People would want to play games that challenge them, mess with their minds, games that require strategy, planning and team efforts. Yes, people want to play the game that establishes their authority in the virtual world and makes them win prizes

It is for this reason that a game has shaken the virtual world and taken it by storm is the clash of clans. Visit site for more information on the game and various way to crack the toughest of the battles in the game but let us first discuss the game. The game was released on all the major platforms in the years 2012 and 2013 and since then has remained in the minds of people. The game requires a detailed approach to strategy making and other aspects as well. What is required by you is to build a town or a clan of your own and then defend it from attackers and external enemies? The player who is playing the game is the leader of the clan and is expected to protect his clan from all these enemies by making use of various resources that are available with the player.

Resources available for players in the game

The game is played by taking the help of various resources that are available with the player. These resources are gained by attacking the other clans and winning points in the game. These resources mainly assist you in the process of increasing your strength and prowess in the game. The following are the major resources that are available with the person in the game-

  • Gold: This resource is generated by digging up gold mines and once you have collected the gold, it can be stored in the gold storage. The game also displays the amount of gold that is there in your collection at the top right corner of the screen. The gold is then used to build buildings for the purpose of defense, traps, elixir storages and collectors. The game also requires you to have a flag of your own clan and in order to decorate the flag to make it look mightier, you can use gold for the purpose of decoration.
  • Elixir: again like gold, the elixir is another resource that helps you build a defense army buildings, troops and other storages and drills related to dark elixir. Another important use of elixir is for the purpose of digging gold mines and gold storages. Again, the total number of elixir that is available with the person is displayed on the top right corner so as to inform the player about his collection and the upgrades made to it. Visit site for more information on elixirs
  • Dark elixir: The game also offers you an incentive for doing well. One such incentive is a dark elixir. This elixir is an upgrade made to the elixir. This resource is used for purchasing hero class troops and also used for the purpose of training dark elixir troops.
  • Gem: One of the most important resources is the gem which can be used for the purpose of purchasing all other resources and also the builder’s huts. By making use of gems, the process of upgrading the game and the gold and elixir collection in it can also be sped up. Gems can be collected in gem mines and there are several ways to collect gems, although the speed at which they are collected varies. You can use all of these resources for your benefit in the game and visit site if you want for further information on resources.

Codes for the game

Thus, it is pretty clear that resources are an important part of the game and if you lose them, you shall have to wait for quite a long time to gain them back and continue with the game. Therefore, in order to keep the game continued, you can make use of certain codes which shall help you in the process. These codes are designed to help you earn more and more resources in the game. By making use of these resources, you can easily gain insight into the various aspects of the game. These codes are all safe to be used as they are designed in a way that makes them non-detectable. This makes these codes a superb and short-cut alternative to the usual process. All the codes are designed especially for those gaming enthusiasts who would not want to waste their time when they run out of resources. These codes help the gamers to steer clear at every stage so that they can escalate to higher levels faster and sooner.

Thus, the codes help you to play the game without any delay or default by providing you an easy platform where you can play the game without the slightest fear of losing out on your lives or clans in the game. In order to gain further information about the game and the codes that can be used to make it easier .

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