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Nowadays, our homes generally enjoy a high level of waterproofing, with environments that are often poorly ventilated and hot, created by double-glazed windows and central heating. This environment is ideal for the growth of dust mites bacteria and other dirty residues, in our homes, and is another reason for the increase of certain health problems such as asthma and allergies. Now the urine stain is gone, you must opt for it again! Our grandparents and even our parents used to take the carpets and mattresses to the garden or drying rack, shaking them for a long time. The cold and the sterilizing effect of the solar UV rays finished with the dust mites and the blows made fall a good part of their droppings and other pollutants.

However, this type of clean-up task has stopped being practised due to the weight and composition of mattresses and other modern home textiles; due to lack of time and space (we would like to have a garden or enough space to shake a carpet or a mattress). However, technology offers us several solutions to replace and improve the good habits of our parents and grandparents. Now the urine stain is gone, you may be happy! To this end, we use various cleaning techniques for each type of textile depending on its condition and location.

With the deal of now the urine stain is gone, there is a fuller maintenance offers you the complete variety of cleaning and maintenance services available in the market, made by specialized operators and technicians trained under our strict continuous training program; guided by a qualified supervisor, thus guaranteeing excellent quality standards in the service. In this section, you will have at your disposal all the necessary information to know how to be the one who reaps the benefits of your work and not someone else, having as a reward all the time and effort invested in your own business and not a bonus or salary increase.

The cleaning services business always has demanded. The level of service and quality of cleaning that the equipment we offer will help you to get satisfied, loyal and grateful customers and as you know a satisfied customer always comes back. To learn more about our services, please choose the object or area of the home you wish to clean. We are a carpet cleaning company that was born more than 25 years of family tradition hand in hand with the latest technology in the washing of fixed and loose carpets. That provides its customers with reliable and fully guaranteed and competitive services with highly qualified personnel, hand in hand with state-of-the-art machines where you will be satisfied. That’s why we have our motto- our effort is your satisfaction.

We love cleanliness in all our aspects labour and moral. Purchase cleaning equipment and accessories such as cleaning tools, ladders, tools for cleaning upholstery, rakes for carpets, cleaning solutions and chemical restoration. Are steam cleaners particularly effective at removing most stains? It is not worthy, the best deal is to look for the carpet cleaning services, with enough solution and recovery chamber to accommodate the average space you will be working on. Numerous buildings and houses have carpets and these usually get dirty. If you are a committed entrepreneur who enjoys hard work, you can turn this dirt into a money-making opportunity for your own carpet cleaning business.

Whichever carpet cleaning method you choose, an important note to remember, do not underestimate the amount of accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria and microorganisms that can be found in it. Regular carpet vacuuming is important for cleaning carpets in general and maintaining good indoor air quality in your space. If in doubt when cleaning your carpet, always consult a reputable carpet cleaning Service Company.

Our company, with more than 40 years of experience, is dedicated to the professional cleaning of carpets, quilts, blankets and curtains. Now the urine stain is gone, we must tell you that we are experts in care and maintenance of all types of materials since we have the highest technology in cleaning, treatment and drying. We also offer comprehensive dry cleaning services.


  • You will only have to move to open the door when we arrive.
  • Our collection and delivery service is totally FREE.
  • Also if you do not have space to store your carpet, we take care of it at no cost. We also keep the rest of the clothes.
  • You tell us the delivery date that best suits you and we’ll take it with you.


  • We take care of all the details.
  • All cleaning processes, from collection to delivery are supervised and studied so that you are totally satisfied with our work.
  • Our machinery, as well as the manual processes, strictly comply with current health standards.


  • The queens of decoration
  • We are experts in carpet cleaning and treatment.
  • We have more than 40 years dedicated to the care and study of the most innovative techniques, achieving the best results.
  • Our extensive carpet washing and drying processes allow us to offer you a top quality service.


  • You will have the most pleasant sleep.
  • A well-kept comforter proclaims a comfortable rest.
  • Quilts are prone to getting dirty from constant use and exposure to dust mites and dust. In our facilities, we have specialized machinery dedicated to the cleaning of quilts in order to maintain its components and fabrics as the first day.


  • They reveal the day and protect the night.
  • Curtains are one of the elements most exposed to dirt due to their proximity to windows. Normally it is not seen but dust and aerosols, such as air fresheners or glass cleaners, require that its maintenance be constant and effective.
  • Our experts work with care to clean the curtains so that their result is the best.


  • The warmest shelter of the night
  • Our blanket cleaning service allows you to increase the average life of the fabrics, maintaining its softness and freshness.
  • Our cleaning systems allow us to shorten delivery times so you can enjoy them as soon as possible.

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