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Maybe this day promised something funnier or better when it began but now you are alone and confused, trying to find something interesting to kill the time. So, are you searching for something fun to do today? Does it seem you are running out of options? Would you like to live any kind of adventures and free? We invite you to discover A complete site when you will find online video-games totally free! The best quality and a wide range of topics in a single site where you’d want to stay for hours. There are many options, here, with a wide variety of games, which really give you a good time.

Too much has been talked about video games as to whether they are harmful or not to the mental and physical health of people, especially parents have been in difficult situations when their children at home do not want to attend to their tasks and responsibilities because they dedicate its time to play video games. A solution that was easy and some parents took, was to tell their children that there was no way to buy a $ 500 console and games worth around $ 70 because the investment was very high, however, with the passage of time and the development of the internet, new online gaming platforms have become the ideal option for all those who for one reason or another cannot afford the purchase of a console of last generation to entertain themselves in their spare time.

But, maybe someone around is telling you that video-games are not a good thing for your health and future, they say that maybe you’ll end up in your sofa wasting your time and doing nothing important for yourself, your family and your country and many other things. Well, allow me to tell you that nothing is as it seems to be at In the very beginning of the video-game’s age, we knew almost nothing about the effects of these new electronic games on our mental and physical health but as the times passes by, our scientists are discovering some interesting things that may change our perception about video-games. Some people love the video games.

I bet you didn’t know that playing video-games for some hours a week, can actually increase your ability to make decisions, and the best decisions indeed. Why? How is this? The University of Rochester conducted a study to see how games affect our own ability to make decisions; the goal at was to verify is video-games, which demands to view some figures on screen and keep the track of moving the peripheral images, improve ability of receiving and processing the data quickly, and of course, you are trying to survive or killing your enemy, so you must be fast and accurate when you shoot, jump, etc. so it is translated to a better decision making capability.

For example the shooting games at can change the brain by enhancing our low level perceptual functions. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to exercise the most important muscle of your body: THE BRAIN and in the road you can get tons of fun.

Susan Berry

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