Web Applications, CRM’s, ERP’s, Online Stores, Corporate Webs, Web Services … we conceive the projects as a whole, so we plan the projects from scratch, design, customer objectives, development, marketing plan online, testing and production. We develop the most creative web projects, creating impact and distinction.

Techwitty website creates functional solutions based on standards, usability, and accessibility. We focus on your processes and needs with the aim of developing, with creativity and technology, the best experience for your clients.

Application design by Techwitty website:

Optimize business processes, workflows and the general user experience with applications. This can be used to redesign existing applications for modern systems or to define new functionalities and workflows. This process allows you to quickly iterate the design and align it with the company and the end users before its development. We present with a good success of a good application is the analysis and planning of the database, which allows growth and new functionalities in a simple way.

Development of Systems and Applications by Tech witty website

We have a development and programming department focused on manufacturing tailored solutions according to the needs of your project, be it a ticket system, a virtual learning platform or an intranet, we are here to work hand in hand with your company to achieve a product that meets each of the requirements of its users.

The Web applications of Management for companies (ERP, CRM, Intranets, Extranets, etc) present a series of benefits if we compare them to the traditional software for Windows, with which they manage to take better advantage of a company’s resources in a much more practical way than traditional software. Between the benefits that these web applications contribute to the companies in front of the desktop applications are:

  • They facilitate teleporting.
  • A Web application can be used from any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), even from mobile phones.
  • Web applications do not need great computer skills.
  • With a Web application, you will have full availability regarding time and place, you can work in it at anytime and anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • Web applications allow you to centralize all work areas.
  • Web applications are always updated with the latest version, the changes are immediate.
  • Access immediacy. Web applications do not need to download or install.
  • Web applications require much fewer resources from the client machine. All processing is done on the server.

Fewer failures Web applications do not suffer from crashes or technical problems derived from the hardware, apart from being common code for all users, programming failures are easier to solve.

Multiple users Web applications only have the limit of users that support the server or servers.


We carry out a study of the business processes that the application will support and what functionalities are derived.

Functional analysis is one of the pillars of a good web application. Without both the client and the developer will be lost in requests and functionalities without knowing the final objective.


In Techwitty website we are concerned about following the safest practices in terms of software quality.

You will have a web application accessible from anywhere (or located in your office), responsive design (adapted to mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and with a clean code, following the standards of the software industry.


During the last years, we have focused on generating large projects that contribute to the success and results of our clients. We specialize in offering developments for multiple platforms.

Susan Berry

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