Littmann Classic II S.E review

Littmann Classic II S.E is among the popular stethoscope from Littmann. It is known to be best seller stethoscope and when you visit, you will understand why it is so. This is a popular stethoscope with the students in medical discipline. They turn to it always if they want to buy a stethoscope to use for the first time. Even if there are cheaper options, they are mostly made using plastic resin. There are some professionals and students who do not like the idea of plastic stethoscope because they have a short lifespan or they feel that they are using something of lesser value.

Littmann Classic II S.E has the two features that most people are looking for, it is made using metal and it costs around 70 dollars. It is robust, it is made to last for a long period and it can be

afforded by most people.

Besides the two key factors, there are other important features that make it to be one of the most sought out stethoscopes.

The records are correct: the stethoscope offers the best acoustic results taking into consideration the price. However, for someone who had used a stethoscope from cardiology series, he can tell you that the sound quality and the volume lack something.

Littmann Classic II S.E is introductory stethoscope and it is meant for general use. It is perfect to learn and it can be used by nurses or people in general practices. However, it is not the right stethoscope to use with medicine professional or specialists or anyone who wants to get the best acoustic performance.

Not polyvalent, a tunable diagram with an open bell

Littmann Classic II S.E may not be considered like a polyvalent model as any other since it does not come with the pediatric side at the chestpeice. Other Littmans have a dual chestpiece which has tunable diaphragms at each side of a chestpiece. However, the two may detect the low or high frequency according to the pressure which is being exerted. In such cases, a smaller diameter is used with pediatric patient and the other side is used with adults. However, this stethoscope uses the traditional open bell at the small side. This is used to listen to low frequency sound only. This is why Littmann Classic II S.E is not the right stethoscope to use by pediatric doctors.

From the, Littmann Classic II S.E is made using stainless steel. Other high end from Littmann is made using a aerospacial steel alloy for its chestpiece. However, they also cost more. The tube of the stethoscope is resistant to pressure and folds and it can go back to the original shape at once. It is not made using phthalate plasticizers or latex. It is also resistant to the alcohol and to skin oils. The model guarantee is of 3 years.

If you have Littmann Classic II S.E, you can install 3M Littmann Learning Institute app. If you have installed this app within the Smartphone, you can access to the real auscultation sound and you can make your diagnosis while you can keep the logs of how you are progressing.

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